Kevin Holland talks “sensual grappling” and how Luke Rockhold should start an OnlyFans

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  1. Sherminator


    12 dagen geleden

    Dana must love Kevin holland. What a great worker, never cry about the paychecks. Never injuries or being sick. Also always up if someone pulls out. But i still want to see him into the ww-division, the man doesnt Cut much weight so why not?

  2. Jacob Watts

    Jacob Watts

    13 dagen geleden

    Did he say he’d partake in non-consented intercourse with chiesa lmao

  3. Ahmed MJ

    Ahmed MJ

    15 dagen geleden

    Why's he obsessed with the boss? Damn.

  4. Steve


    15 dagen geleden


  5. Anthony Ruiz

    Anthony Ruiz

    15 dagen geleden


  6. lowrider9367


    15 dagen geleden

    It seems like he's struggling to talk like Conner. IMO...



    15 dagen geleden

    Losers reporting people’s instagrams

  8. The Anomity

    The Anomity

    15 dagen geleden

    I fcking love this man 😂

  9. Robster l

    Robster l

    15 dagen geleden

    "Hazmat" 😂🤣

  10. Justin Crespo

    Justin Crespo

    16 dagen geleden

    He got his ass kickexd

  11. Mike Heavener

    Mike Heavener

    16 dagen geleden

    Keep working the wrestling and start working on boxxing cause you almost fall over every other punch

  12. Mike Heavener

    Mike Heavener

    16 dagen geleden

    I like Kevin no one likes Luke. and Nick daiz is trash

  13. Trevor Bender

    Trevor Bender

    16 dagen geleden

    Kevin Holland is a class act. Brutally honest with some funny reality checks. I hope he gets a win as well.

  14. Denzel Watchington

    Denzel Watchington

    16 dagen geleden

    *Luke already has Only a couple Fan's...* 🥁 *[Ba-Dumm-Tssss]*

  15. TwerkToSpec


    16 dagen geleden

    This dude is worse than an open mic guy on coke

  16. orrin moore

    orrin moore

    16 dagen geleden

    Kevin shouldn't drop to 170, better wrestlers in that division

  17. Luis R

    Luis R

    16 dagen geleden

    We need Kevin Holland on Hot Ones, that would be the most entertaning episode ever

  18. BullseyeNai


    16 dagen geleden

    I like him more as a person then as a fighter. Dude definitely needs to star in some movies down the line.

  19. Marco M

    Marco M

    16 dagen geleden

    "broke as a fuck"

  20. chris w.

    chris w.

    16 dagen geleden

    the way he speaks reminds me of donkey from shrek haha

  21. Matthew Fritz

    Matthew Fritz

    16 dagen geleden

    Kevin is hilarious. The most straight up guy in the ufc . Was lacking wrestling and went and worked on it . Caught a shitty break in this fight but it still a super deadly guy about it . Looking forward to seeing him fight and watching his interviews 👌

  22. Joshua DeLaCruz

    Joshua DeLaCruz

    17 dagen geleden

    I love this kid. You rock dude

  23. Donnie Roessling

    Donnie Roessling

    17 dagen geleden

    Johnny Hendricks beat GSP in my opinion but that was a sketchy time when GSP was trying to exit.

  24. Naughty Bianca X

    Naughty Bianca X

    17 dagen geleden

    Kevin vs Dana white

  25. Schangbang


    17 dagen geleden

    Love watching this guy fight, seems like such a genuine human being

    • Naughty Bianca X

      Naughty Bianca X

      17 dagen geleden


  26. Shredsheets


    17 dagen geleden

    EDR loves this guy! He's right too. Such a unique opportunity all the fighters have; shame so few grab it.

    • Naughty Bianca X

      Naughty Bianca X

      17 dagen geleden




    17 dagen geleden

    Perfect answer! I don’t love it, I don’t hate it, but it’s necessary….

    • Naughty Bianca X

      Naughty Bianca X

      17 dagen geleden


  28. SeekNDstroi01


    17 dagen geleden

    1:30 some would even say its super necessary😉

    • Naughty Bianca X

      Naughty Bianca X

      17 dagen geleden


  29. Jonathan Nunez

    Jonathan Nunez

    17 dagen geleden

    “Prolly rape that guy” - Kevin Holland

    • Naughty Bianca X

      Naughty Bianca X

      17 dagen geleden Faxx...

  30. A C

    A C

    17 dagen geleden

    Hope Kevin can close that grappling gap. He's incredibly interesting guy. And on the feet he's talented, has the heart of a fighter.

    • Naughty Bianca X

      Naughty Bianca X

      17 dagen geleden

      I agree...

  31. o G

    o G

    17 dagen geleden

    kevin is one of those fighters you really hope climbs the ranks

  32. vinny purity

    vinny purity

    17 dagen geleden

    Khevin NurHollandmedov

  33. Ebap 7675

    Ebap 7675

    17 dagen geleden

    Kevin Holland just shouted out them Sparkies⚡️⚡️Like this dude even more!

    • Naughty Bianca X

      Naughty Bianca X

      17 dagen geleden

  34. Jon Via

    Jon Via

    17 dagen geleden

    Holland is a monster on the mic!

  35. Request Failed

    Request Failed

    17 dagen geleden

    kevin be funny asf

  36. Skammee


    17 dagen geleden

    It's always a pleasure to see Holland get hit in the face and keep smiling .

  37. Jischbaal GKS

    Jischbaal GKS

    17 dagen geleden

    Man that guy can talk 😂😂

  38. Nic h

    Nic h

    17 dagen geleden

    Man kevin is really the man

  39. fleshen


    17 dagen geleden

    Honestly want to hate on Kevin but no you can't he is a prick but a fucking funny honest prick!

  40. Clark Dark

    Clark Dark

    17 dagen geleden

    I got an onlyfans ad before this video

  41. Liam Cahill

    Liam Cahill

    17 dagen geleden


  42. Jonge en Linda Geeven

    Jonge en Linda Geeven

    17 dagen geleden

    That's A Great Guy that trailblazer👊👌

  43. RTN san

    RTN san

    17 dagen geleden

    a man who does not want to learn will never learn, see u crying after your another loss bigmouth

  44. Wayne Jonker

    Wayne Jonker

    17 dagen geleden

    Kevin Holland is freaking fantastic

  45. Leon Hernandez

    Leon Hernandez

    17 dagen geleden

    Kevin Holland should be the next UFC analyst 100% honest and good talker

  46. Nick Mason

    Nick Mason

    17 dagen geleden

    He seems more like a 170 fighter frame-wise.

  47. Wayne Jonker

    Wayne Jonker

    17 dagen geleden

    Love Kevin Holland!!!! He’s awesome

  48. Steve Tabs

    Steve Tabs

    17 dagen geleden

    Kevin reminds me of a young Rampage lol....Dudes funny as hell 😅

  49. IloveBaklava


    17 dagen geleden

    People forget this dude is a black belt in BJJ.

  50. Murad Pervez

    Murad Pervez

    17 dagen geleden

    Kev, we need this W bro!

  51. Gamera Sanders

    Gamera Sanders

    17 dagen geleden

    “I’d probably rape him” Holland’s the best

  52. Trinity


    17 dagen geleden

    Kevin would probably look small next to Usman and he’s a Welterweight. I’d like to see what he could do at a lower weight class, hope he starts moving back up the ranks, dudes as authentic and cool as they come

  53. Jason Strevels

    Jason Strevels

    17 dagen geleden

    Like this dude ! He's evolved in alot of ways

  54. King Dominican

    King Dominican

    17 dagen geleden

    12:03 is nobody gonna talk about kevin just casually threatening to cosby michael chiesa?

  55. Harry van der Veen

    Harry van der Veen

    17 dagen geleden

    On one hand you have a charismatic, quick, witty guy like Holland and on the other end of the spectrum you have an introvert, tumbling over ever word and failing at throwing up fake gang signs Luke Cockhold.

  56. relentless maori

    relentless maori

    17 dagen geleden

    I like this dude but he needs a W lol

  57. James Lachance

    James Lachance

    17 dagen geleden

    Kevin is a killer his hl video is epic I would love to have him training with khabib it would add so much levels to his ground game so humble and takes criticism so well can’t wait for him to rise again

  58. Danton Guinn

    Danton Guinn

    17 dagen geleden

    Hope to see Kev back on track

  59. Darned Spade

    Darned Spade

    17 dagen geleden

    Kevin funny asf man ngl

  60. Matthew Jefferson

    Matthew Jefferson

    17 dagen geleden

    If you said the same joke to Khabib fans they'll have a heart attack

  61. jlmckenna10


    17 dagen geleden

    I fight for free. But I want my check - Kevin Holland.

  62. Corinne Duville

    Corinne Duville

    17 dagen geleden

    I love how my add was an only fans add

  63. Marley 1111

    Marley 1111

    17 dagen geleden

    Proper comical chap Proper Craic 👌🏽

  64. N


    17 dagen geleden

    Hour/day wrestling ain’t gon cut it. Daukas gon light this man up.

  65. Cemsid Bey

    Cemsid Bey

    17 dagen geleden

    Let's go Nothing makes me more happy than people talking about how good Brady is

  66. R TC

    R TC

    17 dagen geleden

    Get this guy his own show !

  67. Michael Angelo Navarrete

    Michael Angelo Navarrete

    17 dagen geleden

    I've been wanting to see him fight Chimaev.

  68. Sam B

    Sam B

    17 dagen geleden

    "I'm a company man" Proceeds to try excusing the UFC paying fighters 16% of the revenue

  69. 614Brownsfan


    17 dagen geleden

    Why would any fighter talk shit publicly about somebody trying to raise the Pay bar up for everyone? Some people are so satisfied with crumbs and its sad

  70. Joao Brinca

    Joao Brinca

    17 dagen geleden

    Kevin Holland should get more Mic time.. he can handle it pretty good!

  71. Robbie Pasquale

    Robbie Pasquale

    17 dagen geleden

    He good with the talking aye

  72. Rafael Flores

    Rafael Flores

    17 dagen geleden

    149 grapplers disliked this

  73. caveman lovesmoke

    caveman lovesmoke

    17 dagen geleden

    Bruh Deadpool is great . 👍

  74. Lokomones


    17 dagen geleden

    I love this dude!! Lol!!

  75. Eugene Koh

    Eugene Koh

    17 dagen geleden

    I think he got alot more fans after this real af interview. We need more real people that can be relatable

  76. THE Kat Haus

    THE Kat Haus

    17 dagen geleden

    I'll fight for free.....but I still want that MONEY. (Not the quote I know) damn this nigga is real. I love it. I wanna roll with him sometime. I'm only 5'6 but I go against guys his height weekly. I know I'd lose but I also know I'd get at least 1 sub, sweep or a pass and for me that's a W lol

  77. Dubcat


    17 dagen geleden

    “I might rape that guy” .. tumbleweed

  78. Boss Boom Box

    Boss Boom Box

    17 dagen geleden

    He’s already got one 😂 learnt about it back when everyone was laughing at Diego and Fabia being on there, and some other mma chick too I can’t remember who.

  79. 1400Minnoch


    17 dagen geleden

    Dana gave him advice, he ain’t kiss ass he took advice RESPECT

  80. Björn Gehlert

    Björn Gehlert

    17 dagen geleden

    I am a fan now

  81. Young Ace

    Young Ace

    17 dagen geleden

    Kevin Holland Can talk shit and back it up Takes shots Win I Love this guy he belongs in the UFC

  82. Passer-by


    17 dagen geleden

    Awesome interview all the way through. Gotta love Kev's honesty and awesome comedic timing.

  83. Passer-by


    17 dagen geleden

    🤣🤣🤣 "a blonde black dude and an Italian who eats steroids for lunch" had me crawling 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  84. Homer Alaska Life

    Homer Alaska Life

    17 dagen geleden

    Luke would get peppered.

  85. felizah


    17 dagen geleden

    This dude is starting to feel like his UFC 4 update

  86. felizah


    17 dagen geleden

    Kevin Holland doesn't want the Sean o Malley treatment.

  87. iSaetanic


    17 dagen geleden

    Kevin reminds me of Lupe lol

  88. Amazin11000


    17 dagen geleden

    You know what I'm sayin"

  89. Jawbone 208

    Jawbone 208

    17 dagen geleden

    Let's go Holland

  90. Timothy Muncey

    Timothy Muncey

    17 dagen geleden

    Cool dude

  91. Diesel


    17 dagen geleden

    He's entertaining. All organizations need guys like this. But he will never be close to a champion.

  92. Miguel Garcia

    Miguel Garcia

    17 dagen geleden


  93. Johnathan Sims

    Johnathan Sims

    17 dagen geleden

    Kevin speaking facts about fighter pay. These guys fight one time a year for 15/25minutes if they make it through all rounds and expect to get paid half a million dollars for 15/25 minutes of fighting

  94. That’s What i thought

    That’s What i thought

    17 dagen geleden

    He will get his ass whooped

  95. Nando M

    Nando M

    17 dagen geleden

    this guy was definitely a woman in his past life. talks to fucking much.

  96. Dillan Versai

    Dillan Versai

    17 dagen geleden

    Thus is good fight...daukas is a good fighter..durable as well.

  97. Joe Carmon

    Joe Carmon

    17 dagen geleden

    fucking love this man.

  98. braaap 509

    braaap 509

    18 dagen geleden

    I like this dude

  99. Jamie David

    Jamie David

    18 dagen geleden

    Covington vs Holland: The PPV starts with one of the most epic trash talks of all time

  100. 661 Choppin

    661 Choppin

    18 dagen geleden

    Oh wow. This interview sure was money for Holland! He spoke well & was down to earth. Still did a great job promoting HIMSELF too