Nick Diaz vs. Robbie Lawler II | UFC 266 Final Face Off

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  1. D. sky

    D. sky

    19 dagen geleden

    Too old to fight

  2. Rj Rc Nunn

    Rj Rc Nunn

    22 dagen geleden

    Ole Diaz got that ass whooped 🤣🤣🤣

  3. Ollie B

    Ollie B

    22 dagen geleden

    You can see Dana wanted Nick to lose because Robbie is his boy

  4. Mostafa Lking

    Mostafa Lking

    22 dagen geleden

    Who's the tall ring girl the one on the left ?

  5. Le Ba Vu

    Le Ba Vu

    23 dagen geleden

    It’s still funny fighters leaving on wrong side

  6. GodsInUs


    23 dagen geleden

    I specialize in the Gender ID field. All women are really men in the UFC/MMA. No woman alive has an Adam's apple, a high belly button (women's are much lower), NO WOMAN has V-shape sides that go down into the crotch REAL WOMEN go crazy for. ALL of these women have these in the UFC(women are born with hips for childbearing, and they're hip joints are in completely different places), women's jawlines are much narrower, and I can go on and on. He just have to know what to look for. I have nothing to lie for, nor anybody in specific to lie TO, as I'm talking to everybody. This has destroyed the women's division to me, it's disgusting. There's BEEN a satanic agenda that's in place. Don't let them trick you just because they slap on some eyelashes and paint their toenails. Look around, do research for yourself if you don't like to be lied to. One Love

  7. CowboysVS The World

    CowboysVS The World

    23 dagen geleden

    The way Nate walks 😆😂😅

  8. اكس. زون Ex. Zone

    اكس. زون Ex. Zone

    23 dagen geleden

    I knew this is gonna happen nick let himself go for so long plus weed and alcohol abuse i mean look at the guy posture he look like he carry bucket of water in one hand all the time

  9. Rick Bull

    Rick Bull

    23 dagen geleden

    Just like Nate they don't want to win

  10. Rick Bull

    Rick Bull

    23 dagen geleden

    How could Nick loose?????



    23 dagen geleden

    nick looks broken.. after what happened with the ban in 2015 and all that time off.. he got cut short of some the best career years i bet thats taken its toll on him mentally. especially how weed just kept getting legalised in that time off. i swear robbie couldve finished him earlier, seemed like he was going easy on him most of the fight. diaz there for the $

  12. Scott Who?

    Scott Who?

    23 dagen geleden

    Well we can stop the nick is the greatest bs.

  13. schpeidermann


    23 dagen geleden

    Dammit. Nick lost. Didn't seem to be in it pre-fight. And wasn't during. He has lost his aggressiveness. Nick doesn't want it anymore. His body language told enough stories. Props to Robbie though! He was in awesome shape!



    23 dagen geleden

    Nick lose but still win lose or draw it’s diaz army madafaqas!!!!!

  15. Tony Jones

    Tony Jones

    23 dagen geleden

    Nate would kill Robby literly wipe the floor with his face

  16. Jp jiu Camacho

    Jp jiu Camacho

    23 dagen geleden

    Nick Dias esta parecendo o Holylifild lutando...

  17. Arampath Kushan

    Arampath Kushan

    23 dagen geleden

    Come on man wtf was that

  18. Julito Maraña

    Julito Maraña

    23 dagen geleden

    Nick just there for the payday

  19. Ahlan Arrez

    Ahlan Arrez

    24 dagen geleden

    Nick is going to lose. He’s too humble now. He doesn’t have that drive like he used to.

  20. Ryne Awkard

    Ryne Awkard

    24 dagen geleden

    No matter who wins, Nick is the real winner (In my opinion), When they were both young and sprung, Nick knocked Robbie's head off.. Nuff said

  21. Enter the Dragon 64

    Enter the Dragon 64

    24 dagen geleden

    Lawler in 30 seconds

  22. Common Cents

    Common Cents

    24 dagen geleden

    Nick doesn’t seem very confident through this whole thing

  23. Blake Reigns

    Blake Reigns

    24 dagen geleden

    🏴‍☠️DIAZ ARMY!!!!🏴‍☠️ Baby! Let's fucking go! 👊🏻⚰

  24. doug trosper

    doug trosper

    24 dagen geleden

    Where do i stream this?

  25. Jon Duncan

    Jon Duncan

    24 dagen geleden

    Something tells me Robbie wins this one, he will land no doubt, Nick will need to weather an early onslaught, he.may get busted up, that fight was a long time ago

  26. Honestly Outspoken

    Honestly Outspoken

    24 dagen geleden

    Double dragon Diaz brothers enter in together finally this fight is gonna b awesome to c NICK BACK IN THE OCTAGON IS GONNA BE AWESOME WATCHING HIM. & Nate fight are some my fav UFC fights i ever watched Nate that last fight u really whiped ass bro i gotta tell u this u are a bad ass topflight Fighter brother why u and your brother have not made a Double Dragon reboot videogame is beyond me both u men are naturally talented Fighters that deserve way more credit than u both get & im saluting u both and millions of mexicans beside me two who all root in the stands for both u forever stay fly stay out & keep giving us fans what we come to c brutal warrior engagements in the octagon amongst lions yo & u just never kno who is gonna win sometimes to the last seconds its americas new past time Watching UFC poppin open a can of ice cold modelo and just buying this even watching something cool on the Screen and forgetting my everyday life events n problems even if just for a few hours or more its worth the cost to me UFC Rules Babyyyyyyyyyyy

  27. circaskater67


    24 dagen geleden

    Nick looks soft.... Wonder why the weight change 🤔

  28. roknrolla


    24 dagen geleden

    Robbie Lawler Will Win.

  29. money team

    money team

    24 dagen geleden

    Im ready to watch nick come back

  30. Johnny Travers

    Johnny Travers

    24 dagen geleden

    Next fight: Diaz brothers vs the Hardy Boyz in a TLC match.

  31. Patton 28

    Patton 28

    24 dagen geleden

    This fight should've happened 15 years ago people will swallow any washed up bullshit the UFC throws at you...

  32. uzair shogen

    uzair shogen

    24 dagen geleden

    This fight overshadows the rest of card I only found out yesterday theres a featherweight title fight in this card as the main event lol. It will also be my first time as a UFC fan seeing nick fight live

  33. DDJ Reacts

    DDJ Reacts

    24 dagen geleden

    Let go Diaz!!

  34. Rowan Wells

    Rowan Wells

    24 dagen geleden

    Always loved Nick but not making weight is like cheating.

  35. Cory Smith

    Cory Smith

    24 dagen geleden

    Love Diaz but he looks soft. Weight will be issue for him...... he's carrying to much



    24 dagen geleden

    you can tell nick took roids... a few tell tale signs like his breast sinking down and bloated upper belly turning into hgh gut

  37. Edwin Louis

    Edwin Louis

    24 dagen geleden

    Nick trying his hardest be on his best behavior and set an example for the kids. The old Nick will show up on fight night though. Can't wait!!!!!

  38. Jaylan Phipps

    Jaylan Phipps

    24 dagen geleden

    My heart is fucking pounding

  39. Dan Odonnell

    Dan Odonnell

    24 dagen geleden

    The Diaz brothers are fighters and ready even if their not ready!

  40. Ben


    24 dagen geleden

    Nothing better then a couple of washed up old fighters having a slug fest. im in 🙌

  41. doobtubes


    24 dagen geleden

    Lets go nick!

  42. Romain Tokyoo

    Romain Tokyoo

    24 dagen geleden

    So good to see Nick Diaz 's back

  43. MiRR0


    24 dagen geleden

    Reminder robbie lost to ben askren lmaoo

  44. oneballwizard406


    24 dagen geleden

    Nick looks ready for war straight up

  45. heracklesI


    24 dagen geleden

    Gooooo Nickkkk!!!!!!

  46. yfz 450r

    yfz 450r

    24 dagen geleden

    Can’t wait to see the Stockton slap

  47. Cichlid guru

    Cichlid guru

    24 dagen geleden

    185 favor Robbie so much .That’s his natural weight so no weight cut he won’t be tired from cutting weight and give his best .NICK gave him a favor . I really hope nick wins

  48. dean corrigan

    dean corrigan

    24 dagen geleden

    I'm scared homie nick better do this !

  49. Tyler McElroy

    Tyler McElroy

    24 dagen geleden

    Don’t get hard homie!

  50. Chris Praz

    Chris Praz

    24 dagen geleden

    Nick-i ain't shaking your hand cuz I gotta punch you in the face-Diaz. Let's go Nick!!

  51. Javi Lo

    Javi Lo

    24 dagen geleden

    Diaz looking like homer simpson

  52. Izzyrodthegod


    24 dagen geleden

    Nico about to sleep lawler AGAIN! MARK MY WORDS

  53. Mister G

    Mister G

    24 dagen geleden

    Nick walks like a GTA character lol

  54. Pedro Fernandes

    Pedro Fernandes

    24 dagen geleden

    Awesome !!!

  55. Uncharted 4 MP Epic Gameplay

    Uncharted 4 MP Epic Gameplay

    24 dagen geleden

    When Tony Ferguson is asked to put on a mask at some event or store he takes off his sunglasses and replies: "Its on . "

  56. Laron Colton

    Laron Colton

    24 dagen geleden

    I hope Diaz gets starched first round and goes back to not being on UFC roster then take his brother with him

  57. BOB


    24 dagen geleden

    I love nick as a fighter but hes getting dusted by robbie with in one round.



    24 dagen geleden

    Two absolute legends , can't pick or support either tbh haha , may the best man win

  59. sawed off

    sawed off

    24 dagen geleden

    Nick is the most dangerous when he’s like this, he was like this the first fight too. That’s why he went and taunted Robbie.

    • blah dude

      blah dude

      22 dagen geleden


  60. dg


    24 dagen geleden

    Would to see nick diaz fight more middleweights. Although robbie isnt a real middleweight

  61. Ben_Scotty_


    24 dagen geleden

    Nick diaz looks like a character Adam Sandler would play

  62. alldeeznuttz inyomouf

    alldeeznuttz inyomouf

    24 dagen geleden

    that was a mean ass look coming from nick. he looks ready to unleash. i could feel the energy threw my phone 😂.

  63. Imetalman2000


    24 dagen geleden

    The co main bout is such a waste. The women need to get some better quality contenders.

  64. Firstname Lastname

    Firstname Lastname

    24 dagen geleden

    Its 2021,Rematches are not ending well. I hope this does

  65. Son of Will

    Son of Will

    24 dagen geleden

    Nick Diaz vs Connor McGregor 1

  66. John Calos

    John Calos

    24 dagen geleden

    Lawler carrying weights in his pockets so he isn't underweight

  67. Fawk Yu

    Fawk Yu

    24 dagen geleden

    I cant believe its actually happening!

  68. Troyryan Media

    Troyryan Media

    24 dagen geleden

    Respect for both fighters but the brothers walking out together was badass

  69. SnoozerIIVMMXIV


    24 dagen geleden


  70. Rick Sundberg

    Rick Sundberg

    24 dagen geleden

    Nick is looking mean af.

  71. Andy


    24 dagen geleden

    Just in. Nick diaz just ate a hamburger so the fight is now at LH

  72. Random EditJobs

    Random EditJobs

    24 dagen geleden

    That was boring and Diaz is fat and weak looking

    • Random EditJobs

      Random EditJobs

      23 dagen geleden

      Told ya

  73. Chad Miller

    Chad Miller

    24 dagen geleden

    Nick gonna beat that ass

  74. Chico Scorpions

    Chico Scorpions

    24 dagen geleden

    Junkie Diaz brother....🤣😂🤣🤣🥰😍 drugs addicted boys 👦

  75. Mark D

    Mark D

    24 dagen geleden

    Nick doesn’t seem in shape. I think Lawler by TKO

  76. John Johnson

    John Johnson

    24 dagen geleden

    Worrying is Nick does NOT believe Lawler gotten better. Lawler is mentality & physically better going in. Fight greater mental, Nick has things against him going in.

  77. Luciano Brauk

    Luciano Brauk

    24 dagen geleden

    Can‘t wait to see this fight 🔥

  78. Allen Goodhur

    Allen Goodhur

    24 dagen geleden

    Hard as nails Diaz!!

  79. Ribe Dari

    Ribe Dari

    24 dagen geleden

    Lions brothers❣️👊..

  80. Just Brexxit

    Just Brexxit

    24 dagen geleden

    I really want Nick to win but it is obvious who is going to win. Robbie Lawler is definitely going to win.

  81. 889976889


    24 dagen geleden

    Am I the only one who thinks nick doesn’t look as ready as Robbie does ? 🤔

  82. Van Yang

    Van Yang

    24 dagen geleden

    Nick looks like geico askren.

  83. webking185


    24 dagen geleden

    These two are legends. Respect to both fighters. Lawyer has always been a class act. true gentlemen of the sport. Diaz brothers are gangsters, but are probably really genuine people. Those dam Diaz brothers have probably the most durable chins in MMA. The only one I can think of that can multiple punches without being dazed was Cabbage Correira.

  84. Elizabeth Duran

    Elizabeth Duran

    24 dagen geleden

    Nick and Nate Shabbat Shalom 💜💛

  85. mark sky

    mark sky

    24 dagen geleden

    watching this at playback speed 1.5 got me even more pumped

  86. Connors Creations

    Connors Creations

    24 dagen geleden

    Diaz bout to rock the world

  87. Fantasy Champz

    Fantasy Champz

    24 dagen geleden

    Nick seems either non hungry at all, or really sound, compact and confident. I can't tell.

  88. zac


    24 dagen geleden

    these real men

  89. vantsen nm

    vantsen nm

    24 dagen geleden

    0:44 now people dont judge his fat belly, lol

  90. MBC1975


    24 dagen geleden

    I want Diaz to win but, I’m not feeling it

  91. Muốn cơ bụng 6 múi

    Muốn cơ bụng 6 múi

    24 dagen geleden

    i cant wait to watch full fight this game.

  92. Jonny Snipes

    Jonny Snipes

    24 dagen geleden

    I can’t believe Ben askren beat lawler

  93. Otto von Neumann

    Otto von Neumann

    24 dagen geleden

    CAN NOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!

  94. Rawson 1st

    Rawson 1st

    24 dagen geleden

    Robbie looks ready, for payback …

  95. Ray Lewis

    Ray Lewis

    24 dagen geleden

    Nick looks a lot more ready this time than yesterday

  96. Ray Lewis

    Ray Lewis

    24 dagen geleden

    Fuck... I want nick to win more than ANYTHING.. but robbie looks shredded and has been active

  97. flo dami

    flo dami

    24 dagen geleden

    Lawler is gonna eat Nick.first round ko

  98. User Anonymous

    User Anonymous

    24 dagen geleden

    Nate looks a good almost 200 lbs too

  99. User Anonymous

    User Anonymous

    24 dagen geleden

    You diaz fans are so delusional

  100. User Anonymous

    User Anonymous

    24 dagen geleden

    Nick at least 200 here. He'll need every size advantage he can get. What a coward bum cheat